11 animals that can live Even if it’s dead (unbelievable)

Hello fellow the tellers, today I’m going to take you to see the creatures that can cheat death. Which will cheat how much? With creatures that are still alive even after death, before watching, do not forget to press like, press Subscribe and press the notification bell button as well.

The coolest and most immortal jellyfish, some species, grow up and become children again. A water bear that can be found everywhere. Seriously, who’s going to follow him to see it in the volcano, haha?

There used to be a chicken whose head was beheaded and didn’t die and lived for months. with people waiting to feed them But in the end, he died from food stuck in his throat.

In conclusion, live or die. The name of the clip is very spinning. 😂😂 This is not called death, beheaded or part of the body.

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