India’s most poisonous snake bites a 24-year-old young man while sleeping at night, know how is the condition now.


This video shows dangerous expert! Do not repeat The expert shown in this video Catching in a Dangerous Situation

Friends, I bring you real videos by playing with dangers. And keep trying to give good information, this also entertains all of you. And the life of these snakes is also saved, then this support is needed from you, that subscribe the channel and share the video to each other, thank you for your encouragement

Murali tell them to make proper brick homes in a row at least 15/30 feet divided so that one family can have larger homes sturdy homes and water proof homes. Should be on raised platform again made with brick and cement. No large holes left and in the base it should be filled with mud and gravel with some cement mixed, so that it gets hard after some time. (dept 20 feet).
I see your videos regularly. Thank you for sharing and educating the masses. Its a noble job indeed which you have undertaken. Sometimes your voice is clear and sometimes it is not much clear. In my opinion you should a microphone on your body rather than the camera microphone so that your voice is clear even if the camera is not close to you. Best wishes & Good luck. God bless.

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