See how rescued two python snakes in a very powerful way. Its very Difficult Rescue


This video shows dangerous expert! Do not repeat The expert shown in this video Catching in a Dangerous Situation

Hi friends I Am Muraliwale Hausla From jaunpur district. Uttar pradesh I am rescuing a lot of animal since 2010. And we want sent a massge in our society for rescue related Snake And Other By Our YouTube Channel. Wildlife Protection And Social Work in Jaunpur District I AM SNAKE CATCHER IN JAUNPUR

Friends, I bring you real videos by playing with dangers. And keep trying to give good information, this also entertains all of you. And the life of these snakes is also saved, then this support is needed from you, that subscribe the channel and share the video to each other, thank you for your encouragement

Sir, full compliments for a wonderful rescue . But one after the other would have been ideal. Conservators like you are doing a great job and you should take extraordinary care in these rescue operations.Please don’t risk your precious life—- Justice RamamohanaRao, Former Judge,Madras High Court

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