Four brave hunters rescue a man dragged into a cave by a giant snake.

Four brave hunters rescue a man dragged into a cave by a giant snake.

Anh Thien and Anh Thu and Anh fight more closely

I beg you, my brother, the owner of the channel, to prove my comment to someone who does good to see him. I swear to God on the Book of God that I do not lie to you, nor lie, nor deceive, my brother. Please read my words. The doors of sustenance, goodness, and giving. He and I ask him to grant you purity and serenity and keep you away from sadness, worry and affliction and relief soon. In the body, and comfort in the heart, and comfort in the soul, and that He makes you a relief from all anxiety, and a way out from all distress, and from every hardship.

My brother, my first words, I swear by God according to the Book of God that I do not lie to you, nor do I lie or deceive, that I am a Yemeni girl, displaced from Taiz, me and my family. He talks about us and wants to expel us from the house to the street, because we could not pay him the rent, and he did not go to us after we cried and came back and spoke to the neighbors and let us go to the end of the week. In this world, he stands by us in these harsh conditions, and I do not have older brothers standing with us in these circumstances. My brothers are small, but I am a girl. I cannot work, I swear by God, that my brothers took to the street and saw the neighbors eating. The heavens and the earth, they closed the door and expelled them, and they returned to you and died of hunger, by God, we did not find, I would have lived, and now if one of us helped us in a kilo of flour, I swear to God, I will die of hunger, my brother, I am an intruder on God, then you, and I want you to help, for the sake of God, I appeal to you by God, you love goodness and help me, even if you ask for my card name, send and don’t be late, and God compensate you with all the best. My brother. You are men. How are they and help us and save us before they drive us out on the street you slacken or die of hunger I swear to God who raised seven heavens without pillars and spread the earth and my guide I do not lie to you with a letter from this message and that I did not ask you for the narrow and the harsh conditions and the situation in which we and my family we ask you by God He has the ability to help us. He does not delay us for a moment. This is my WhatsApp number 00967714964841. Who can help us, write to me on WhatsApp, we send him the full name, he transfers us as much as he can, may God reward you. Good.

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