Biggest Crocodiles Ever Caught on Camera

Everyone knows that crocodiles are large and dangerous creatures, but do you know how huge they can be? Have you ever seen a monster weighing more than a ton (2200 lbs) that was tied up by dozens of people? And what about Africa’s most dangerous crocodile or Australia’s two irreconcilable enemies? Such monsters are worth seeing! In this episode I’ll show you these and other most incredible biggest and giant crocodiles that were caught on camera!

If you watch the documentary on Lolong, you will see he wasn’t the gator they were after. So it’s one even bigger still out there. Amazing
I live in coastal region of SC. It’s very beautiful here, and I love it here. However, I adopted a few conditions that must all be met before I will get near, or enter into a body of water!!! If it’s not a man made, enclosed body of water w/ crystal clear water that I can see everything else that’s in the water with me, then I am not getting in, or even near the water!!! Each to his own, but for me, I will stay on the safer end of the statistics scale!! I love nature and I love life even more 💕😎
I honestly believe that Gustave might’ve already died in peace since his whereabouts have been unknown for the last 6 or 7 years since there are no reports of anymore victims. If he is still alive, he’d probably be about 23-25 feet long, but no Nile crocodile has ever reached over 18 feet.
Personally, I feel bad for crocodiles. They get caught and tied up for people to look at when it doesn’t want to be seen. They also touch the crocodile when it obviously doesn’t want to be touched! It’s horrible that people catch animals because they are ‘dangerous’, they are just doing what their species does!
I feel bad for them. A lot of time! It is amazing how big they can get! . I also think it is crazy for people to have a show and put their hands and or heads near or in their mouth…and it would not be the animals fault…also very scary, ya never know where they may show up in water!😬
The only Biggest Crocodiles I have seen was both dead & alive at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. In other words Gomek the dead one & Maxino the living one. Gomek was almost 18 Feet Long & Maximo is 15-16 Feet Long. Some say Maxie is still growing, he might possibly be a 20 Footer in his own good time. Only time with tell for the full size of the largest living Saltwater Crocodile at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm.

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